The safe & flexible bike trailer

hydraulically braked, & variably adjustable loading area

Maximum safety – hydraulic overrun brake

Increased safety thanks to the hydraulic overrun brake with low-maintenance Shimano disc brakes.

Stop at ease even when carrying heavy loads.

Multifunctional – variably adaptable loading area

No more trailers of different sizes and separate child trailers. The Tough’s loading area can be easily adapted to your needs.

The loading area can be adjusted from 618 x 850 mm to 618 x 1350 mm. Different campers expand the application possibilities.

Tough with overrun brake – loadable up to 80 kg

In combination with the inertia brake, the hydraulic damping, the Weber heavy-duty coupling, as well as the 20’ Roland Werk’s wheels provide for increased road safety.

During the braking process, the brake cylinder and the hydraulic damper are pushed together and operate the brake callipers via a hydraulic line. Any resulting vibrations are reduced by the hydraulic damper.


Conserve resources, favour health

Just leave the car behind and use the bike or e-bike instead. With the Tough bike trailer, run your errands and carry our children around at ease without a car.

Save yourself fuel costs, CO2 emissions and do something good for your health. Attach Tough and get on your bike!

Tough & environmental protection

Its lightweight construction aims to save weight and increase resource efficiency. This leads to savings in raw materials, costs and energy in the manufacture, use, and recycling of the trailer.

Here we go!

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