Versatile - flexible - safe

with hydraulic overrun disc brake & max. 80 kg payload


For bicycles, pedelecs & e-bikes

for everyday life, leisure and work

A trailer with a variable loading area

and max. 80 kg payload

On request, with a lockable, waterproof cover box for daily shopping, or with a structure for transporting children and with a Scout camper

You will also discover our Scout camper as a perfect addition. “Scout“.

The Tough grows with the job at hand.

The loading area can be adjusted to three different sizes with a few simple steps.

Loading area: 618 * 850 mm

Loading area: 618 * 1100 mm

Loading area: 618 * 1350 mm

Maximum flexibility

Bike trailer meets camper

What if you could use your trailer not only for everyday errands and transporting children, but also for various leisure activities? This is exactly what you get with the Scout Camper! Whether a camping holiday, a day at the beach, or a mobile observation post, potential uses for the Tough + Scout duo are almost limitless. This powerful duo is even suitable for professional uses, for example, as an environmentally friendly construction site office or mobile service station.

As a powerful, safe, environmentally friendly and flexible duo, the Tough trailer and Scout camper form the perfect combination for freedom-loving nature lovers.

Multifunctional bike trailer for everyday use & leisure

Multifunctional camper for leisure & work

Here we go!

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