Questions and answers about the Tough

General questions

Can everyone drive a Tough?
There are no restrictions here – anyone who can ride a bike is also allowed to ride a bike trailer. There are of course some basic rules that must be observed. The weight of the towing bike + the weight of the driver have an impact on the ability to brake. The lighter the driver, the less pressure the wheels can put on the road when braking, which can lead to accidents.

Is It difficult to drive a Tough?
No, the Tough is very easy to pull and you hardly feel it. This is also due to its deep connection to the bike, which hardly affects the driving dynamics.
Even when loaded, a Tough is surprisingly easy to drive. Driving a Tough and driving a car are indeed fairly similar: Adapt your driving to the road conditions! Carefully test the driving behaviour of your Tough to get a feel for its capabilities and limits.

Is the Tough trailer approved for e-bikes?
In Germany, there is no obligation to approve bike trailers on e-bikes. However, the Weber coupling is not approved for S-Pedelecs (45km/h). In no case should one underestimate the fact that a higher speed increases the load on components exponentially.

Does the Tough rattle while driving?
During development, we took care to prevent the Tough from rattling. Nevertheless, when unloaded, it cannot be avoided that the Tough rattles slightly when shaken. This is however hardly perceptible when carrying a load. In addition, a rubber mat should be carried for cushioning and load securing. The air pressure of the trailer tires also plays a role.

How do I secure my Tough from theft?
We generally recommend securely connecting the entire bike trailer with an approx. 2 m long cable lock or a loop cable, as all components can then be secured at the same time.
The lockable drawbar is a very good means of securing the trailer, i.e. if the trailer is left standing briefly while shopping, this lock prevents the trailer from being taken along. However, it does not replace a good bike lock, because the drawbar can of course still be clicked out on the bike trailer itself.

Technical Details

How is the Tough attached to the bike?
Always with a low drawbar. For this purpose, a Weber coupling (included in the standard scope of delivery) is permanently attached to the rear-wheel axle of the bike (on the left side in the direction of travel). The actual trailer is then clicked into this coupling piece with the drawbar. The bike and bike trailer are quickly and safely connected to one another.

What air pressure should I use on my Tough?
That depends on the expected load. Typically, both tires on a Tough are much less weight than the tires on a bike. Check for yourself how much the tire is flattened when your Tough is typically loaded. You should definitely have enough air in the tire so that it rolls well and can still absorb shocks from uneven road surfaces or poorly lowered curbs. The heavier you load your Tough, the higher the air pressure should be! The tires can withstand a maximum of approx. 5 bar.

Can the Tough rust?
No, the Tough itself won’t rust. The chassis consists of high-strength “CarPlan Construct” sandwich elements with an extruded polystyrene core and surface layers of MultiPlan K on both sides, all screws are made of stainless steel.

Standard drawbar or heavy-duty drawbar?
Basically, our Tough is built to be extremely sturdy and was actually developed for professional use by craftsmen. But what does “heavy duty” mean in the bike sector? If weights of 50 kg or more are moved daily in professional operations, that is already heavy duty! If, as a private user, you exceptionally charge 80 kg and drive slowly and carefully, this you may also do with standard equipment. Normally, however, 80 kg is difficult to move without electric assistance. Even slight inclines become a challenge!

Safety recommendations
What is the maximum load on the Tough?
We recommend a maximum load of 65 kg for our Tough without overrun brake, a maximum of 80 kg for the Tough with overrun brake and the corresponding coupling. Our Tough could also be subjected to significantly higher loads. Limiting the maximum trailer weight to 100 kg is useful and necessary.

Loading the Tough properly

  • Fasten all loose parts securely. Nothing should be able to get into the spokes.
    Always pack heavy loads as low as possible for a low centre of gravity; otherwise, the trailer is more prone to tipping.
  • In general, ensure that the load is secured in such a way that it cannot be lost while driving and thereby endanger other road users. Never secure loads with elastic straps.
    Load only as much weight as you can safely pull and brake. A realistic everyday weight, whereby your joints and muscles are not completely overwhelmed, is certainly well below 80 kg without e-bike support.
  • Extreme loads should always be tested. The driving behaviour of the trailer combination can change significantly due to high weights, large loads, very long loads, positive or negative load on the coupling.

Overrun brake – useful, necessary or not?
The braking behaviour of the entire combination changes with heavy loads. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to brake a heavy load safely. Crystal clear:
For heavy trailers, you need a suitably stable bike with very good brakes.
Road conditions, gradient, weather conditions, load distribution
All of these factors have an impact on the effective braking effect. Even the best system will fail on wet, downhill road stretches without an overrun brake.

How does an overrun brake actually work?
In principle, the overrun brake is effective for technical reasons upon a speed differential between the bike and the trailer. In other words: when the bike brakes suddenly, especially in unforeseen situations. In that case, the overrun brake brings the combination safely to a stop. Unlike the – technically more complex – vehicle overrun brakes with electronic control, an overrun brake for bike trailers can only function optimally for a certain weight when properly set. Our own, newly developed hydraulic overrun brake meets such requirement. When braking on longer downhill stretches, there is only a smaller delay between the bike and the Tough and, therefore, only a smaller braking effect of the overrun brake. When braking hard before bends and of course during heavy braking manoeuvres, the overrun brake naturally contributes to safely braking the trailer.

Conclusion: The overrun brake is primarily used for safety in unforeseen situations to safely brake heavy trailers.

All about shipping

What delivery time can I expect?
When ordering your Tough, please bear in mind that each Tough is put together, assembled and packaged especially for you according to your desired configuration. These are not imported, pre-packaged warehouse goods to be pulled off the shelf and shipped.
We are a small manufacturer and we do our best to keep all components in stock. In general, we are extremely fast and can deliver within two weeks, but delivery times can be longer, especially in the high season.

How can I pay my order?
Since we offer quite a few parts and models, there are countless configuration options. As to avoid time-consuming subsequent invoice corrections, remittances, etc., we have decided not to integrate an automatic payment system on our website for the time being. That is, you cannot pay with us via PayPal, instant transfer or credit card, etc. You will first receive an automatic order confirmation from us. Please only fulfil the payment request contained therein if you are fairly certain that everything is correct and that no corrections need to be made.

Why shipping costs are not included in the price?
Shipping costs money. That should be understood. Since we do not want to hide shipping costs in the calculation, nor do we think it makes sense to pretend shipping is free, we calculate acceptable shipping costs, adjusted to the respective order quantity or the country to which the goods are being shipped. Nevertheless, these shipping costs rarely cover actual costs, as the time required for proper and safe packaging is enormous.

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